Health and social care property as a market opportunity

Changes in care places:

By the end of 2018, as many as 260,000 care places will no longer be in line with market requirements and/or the law. Out of these places, approximately 100,000 will be structurally unfit for market adjustment measures and will require replacement construction.



We restructure health and social care properties that no longer meet technical and economic market requirements.






Source: Aaetas Consult GmbH, CBRE GmbH

The construction of new nursing homes is a major priority, as there is high demand to be met. Due to long authorisation procedures and a decline in available properties, however, the number of required care places cannot be covered by new buildings alone.

The quality of existing care property poses considerable challenges for the market. Many care facilities are located in older buildings which are technically and qualitatively outdated. They do not meet the current requirements of the residents and are in need of renovation.

Added to this is the pressure to adapt to the provincial health care laws in the federal states. Since the beginning of 2018, some states prescribe that nursing homes must have single rooms only.The owners of older care properties with structural deficiencies or a high double-occupancy rate are threatened by a decline in the value of their property due to new market requirements and legal changes.