A safe investment in a future worth living

The properties and social welfare institutions of GOLDEN AGE AG are sustainable, stable and secure shareholder and investment opportunities.

GOLDEN AGE AG is a corporation that invests in social care properties and other social welfare institutions in Germany. It aims to secure the future viability and profitability of these facilities by restructuring them and optimising their utilisation. It also acquires new and good-as-new properties.

GOLDEN AGE AG invests its capital in its property portfolio and in operators of health and social care properties and other social welfare institutions.

It combines the activities and interests of an investor in social welfare property with those of the companies operating such properties. Foreign investors account for approximately 60% of direct investments in German health and social care property.

GOLDEN AGE AG offers domestic and foreign investors an opportunity to access this sustainable market segment directly through a German corporation. As part of the corporate strategy, it is planned to take GOLDEN AGE AG public in the coming years.


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